Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some useful IRC commands

The best way: using "help" command

/ns help [command]
/cs help [command]

Some examples:

1. Register with NickServ

/ns register

2. Identify yourself with NickServ

/ns id

3. Register a channel

/cs register #channel

4. View info about a channel

/cs info #channel

5. Set SECURE mode to "Prevents unauthorized users from gaining operator status" and GUARD mode to "Sets whether or not services will inhabit the channel"

/cs set #channel GUARD ON
/cs set #channel SECURE ON

6. Gain OP from your channel via @ChanServ:

Join #channel then:

/cs op #channel

7. Auto Grant OP from your channel via @ChanServ:

Join #channel then:

/cs flags #channel <nickname> +O

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